Carwash Disco Ayia Napa

Carwash Disco et godt alternativ for de som liker litt mindre steder. Her spilles 70’, 80’ og 90’tallsmusikk og britene sørger for god stemning med

Bildet er hentet fra Facebooksiden til Carwash disco

Bildet er hentet fra Facebooksiden til Carwash disco

allsang og dansing på baren.

«ONCE UPON A TIME ON AN ISLAND CALLED CYPRUS was a town called Ayia Napa, and in that town on the 5th of August 1996 a disco called CARWASH was born. People traveled from all over to visit the the Carwash, with its funky sounds of the 70s and 80s, party goers got to show off their groovy disco dancing moves.

«The party of your life» begins as people of all ages, shapes and sizes join together for a night of singing and dancing, being happy as can be to the legendary sounnds of DJ Anthony T.

The guys get to strut the stuff on the dancefloor and the girls really get to let their hair down, dancing the night away on the bar! With it’s groovy prices and imported drinks it really becomes you home away from home.

So get on your dancing shoes and boogie on down to the best club in town, the CARWASH !!!» Carwash disco


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